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Portland, OR.
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Sea-Witch books
Digital series subscription (at patreon)
Sea-Witch v.2: Girldirt Angelfog (2fast2house, 2017)
Sea-Witch v.1: May She Lay Us Waste print digital (2fast2house, 2017)

other books
Careful Mountain (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016)
Sara or the Existence of Fire (Horse Less Press, 2014)

selected chapbooks/zines
~yr various hairlessnesses~ (self-published, 2015)
Don't Smoke in Bed: Letters (Saucepot Publishing, 2015)
stonepoems with Carrie Lorig (solar ▲ luxuriance, 2014, out of print)
Warm Morning (The New Megaphone, 2014, out of print)
Cloudbusting (audio chapbook, Black Cake Records, 2014)
rootpoems with Carrie Lorig (Radioactive Moat Press, 2013, out of print)
Speckled Flowers (Persistent Editions, 2013, out of print)

interview at Dostoyevsky Wannabe
All Hail Trans Witches interview with Larissa Glasser at Clash
The Politics of Who Gets to Write 'Outsider' Genres by Alex DiFrancesco at The Mary Sue
15 Books featuring Transgender People You Can Read Right Now by Colette Arrand at Fear of a Ghost Planet
interview w P.E. Garcia at HTMLgiant
interview at VIDAWeb
interview w Brittany Billmeyer-Finn at Drunken Boat
interview w Mahdia Lynn at Autostraddle
review of Don't Smoke in Bed by Manuel Arturo Abreu at The Collagist

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from stonepoems / rootpoems
co-written with Carrie Lorig
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misc. other publications
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