Never Angeline Nørth, aka , aka Møss Høpe Ångel, fka Moss Angel the Undying, fka Moss Angel Witchmonstr, fka Sara June Woods, fka Sara Woods, fka is a polynymous multi-media artist/writer/scorpio/musician/tattooist/witch living in the pacific northwest. She creates art compulsively because you have to have something, right? Her work deals with dogs, the way things break when you bend them, magic, the aesthetics of mess, """gender""", the boundaries we erect for ourselves & others, the boundaries others erect for us, erections in general, reality & perception, rats, time as a construct, systems of power & control, our hearts, communication, """nature""", anal, & death. She was born in Evansville, Indiana in 1984 & she now lives with her wife & their rodents in a black house in Olympia, Washington.