Rough Images


Rough Images is a ongoing series of digital drawings created in photoshop while in the midst of anxiety attacks.
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Tattoo Work


Tattoo as ritual. Permanent Imperfection.
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Various collage work incorporating 2D and occasionally 3D elements.
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Tinyfolk (2005-2013) was a solo project that encompasses the majority of the music I have created. Tinyfolk played hundreds of shows, toured the US and released many albums and EPs to little or no acclaim, including a ukulele concept album about cats and an autotuned electronic concept album about horses going through Y2K.
Selected songs from Tinyfolk at soundcloud.

Pretty Swans was a band that existed from 2011-2012 in Chicago, IL to perform songs I wrote. Pretty Swans released one concept album about being on fire, one concept EP about being on fire, and one single about bones.
Pretty Swans discography at bandcamp.